For over thirty years, Ultra t Equipment Company has provided a wide range of equipment to the microelectronic industry.

Founded in May of 1991, in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, the company has shipped a complete line of manual and automated equipment used in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices (including wafers, Photoresists, LED’s and MEMS), computer disc drive media and slider assemblies, Flat Panel Displays, Optical components, and Photovoltaic devices.

The equipment is used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from cleaning to coating and developing.

Efficient cleaning of the various substrates is an extremely important step required in the manufacturing process. Different particles and contaminants require different removal methods and technologies. Ultra t Equipment configures the equipment to meet these requirements, by offering features that vary from High-Pressure DI water, Megasonic or Mist Nozzles, Brush scrubbing, or dispensing diluted chemicals.