Automation of our product line is offered through configuring our stand-alone systems as process stations around an Equipment Front-end Module (EFM).

The EFM consists of configurable input & output cassette stations, a FANUC cleanroom robot with vacuum or edge-grip end effectors, centralized process monitoring, recipe configuration, traffic management, and many additional features.

End effectors can be used for the transport of substrates & film frames/grip rings, or configured for unique applications.

Integrated barcode & laser scribing scanners can also be configured, with SECS/GEM integration offering hands-off recipe selection for substrate processing.

Recipe programming can be set for automated end effector changing for loading of contaminated substrates & unloading of processed substrates.

The EFM can be configured for interfacing with a singular or multiple systems, as well as hot plate / cool plate / HMDS ovens & other process-related stations and staging.

Process modules are configured as “automation ready” with the ability to run stand-alone from EFM or be integrated in the automation setup.