Dispenses are recipe-controlled outputs, with a multitude of configurations available. Depending upon system selection, they may be set up for top & / or backside application to media being processed.

  • Low Pressure Dispense

    An effective dispense, typically running at ~20 PSI, & can be arm-mounted or in a fixed position. Able to run Ambient / Heated DI H2O or Chemistries. Heated DI H2O can be set at up to ~160F, and with a boost heater is capable of up to ~180F. For final clean & dry-assist, heated DI H2O is recommended as a last dispense step before spin-dry.

  • Atomizing Mist

    A dispense of typically Ambient DI H2O / Chemistry running at 30 – 60 PSI pressure range, with a Droplet size 50 – 300 µm, depending upon nozzle selection. The small droplet sizes of the atomized jet are very efficient in cleaning debris from narrow and deep streets in the substrate. Lower & Higher pressure ranges are available. Capable of cleaning down to ~.35 µm with proper accompanying process features. An optional CO2 Reionizer is available & recommended for the prevention of Electro-Static Discharge (ESD).

  • High Pressure Dispense

    A dispense of typically Ambient DI H2O running at 250 – 2000 PSI pressure range, depending upon pump and nozzle configuration. Lower and Higher-pressure ranges are available. Capable of cleaning down to ~.5 µm with proper accompanying process features. An optional CO2 Reionizer is available & recommended for the prevention of Electro-Static Discharge (ESD).

  • Spray Nozzles

    A wide variety of spray nozzles are available in Square, Flat, or Conical formats with Full or Hollow Cones. Able to run Ambient DI H2O or Chemistries with droplet sizes as small as 10-100 um. Point-of-use mixing nozzle assemblies are also available.

  • Megasonic Dispense

    A dispense of typically Ambient DI H2O or Chemistry running at ~20 PSI, our megasonic nozzle dispensers are available in 1 & 3 MHz ranges. Capable of cleaning down to ~.15 µm with proper accompanying process features, & can be configured for point-of-use mixing for chemistries. The megasonic dispense nozzle has a minimum flow rate of 0.9L/min, which is required to prevent damage to energizing components.

  • Brush Dispense

    Oscillating brush head available with bristles of Nylon, Polypropylene, PTFE, or other materials, with PFA pads or roll brush applications available. Up to four dispenses for Ambient / Heated DI H2O & / or Chemistry may be routed through the arm & into the brush cup, where recipe-controlled point-of-use mixing of chemistries such as Piranha make the most effective use of chemical reactions for processing applications.

  • N2 Blow-off Dry Assist

    A dispense is typically used for on-axis applications for removal of water droplets trapped at the low-pressure center located on the backside of the substrate mounted on an on-axis chuck, & may be fixed position or process arm mounted. For most topside dry-assist, low-pressure heated DI H2O is recommended as a more effective last dispense step before spin-dry.

System Features

Due to a modular design combined with a unified controller / software platform across our product line, our systems offer a number of shared features & options.

  • Indexing & Precise Positioning

    A combination of controlled positioning of the chuck & dispense arms allows for applications such as tab flushing for chemical processing to increase consumables life & maintain a clean & safe processing environment. Indexing of the chuck allows for ease of access during load & unload processes of off-axis multi-substrate chuck configurations.

  • Profiled Oscillation

    Recipe-controlled arm travels across the substrate surface that adjusts travel speed dynamically to maintain uniform process application dwell time across the whole substrate surface.

  • Vertical Arm Travel

    Recipe-controlled vertical positioning with adjustment as fine as .1mm allows for substrates of different thicknesses to be run without requiring manual adjustment of arm heights.

  • Touchscreen GUI for Recipe Editing & Selection

    Systems feature a full-color 7” touchscreen display in a user-friendly and SEMI-spec positioning. Each system is capable of storage up to 30 recipes, each having 30 process steps. Custom recipe naming is available, as well as recipe step editing with various step copy/paste features.

    Password-protected security levels for maintenance & special systems control provide user safety, with a configurable user list allowing for customer-specified logins & access levels.

    GUI also allows for manual control of features for recipe configuration, testing, & maintenance. Remote connection is available for interfacing & service support.

  • Dispense & Feature Control
    • Peristaltic Pump Dispense Control, with recipe-set mixing & precision flow rates
    • Pulse Dispense (on select configurations) for direct and uniform coverage
    • Linear temperature over time heater control & mix ratio over time peristaltic pump control as recipe steps.
    • Chamber Flush / Rinse for quick yet thorough removal of chemicals and contaminants
    • Rinse to pH & Sensor-driven chemical elimination confirmation
    • Recipe-Controlled drain diverter valves & exhaust butterfly valves
    • Automated regulation & monitoring of dispense flow & pressures
    • Automatic DI H2O purge during periods of non-use to prevent bacterial growth
    • Temperature Control of dispensed chemistries
    • Secondary Containment Trays & Leak Detection available for main systems & stand-alone cabinets
    • Vacuum generation for film frame/grip ring applications with vacuum interlock

Stand-Alone / Integrated Features

We offer a number of process capabilities that can either be integrated into our equipment or configured as stand-alone modules that interface with other equipment.

  • Re-ionizers

    Stand-alone & integrated CORe-ionizers are available for use with restricted-orifice dispense applications where Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) may be generated. Stand-alone units may also be used with other equipment, such as substrate dicing saws.

  • DI H2O & Chemical Heaters

    In-Line Heaters for DI H2O & Chemistries, available in stand-alone & integrated configurations. Heated DI H2O can be set at up to ~160°F / ~70°C, & with a boost heater is capable up to ~180°F / ~80°C.

  • Surfactant Mixing

    Surfactant Mixing with manual adjustment, available in stand-alone & integrated configurations. Optional recipe-controlled adjustable mixing is available on certain integrated configurations.

  • Chemical & Effluent Storage

    Chemical cabinets offering single & multiple 1-gallon industry-standard bottle storage feature integrated level sensing with system-displayed low / low-low status, N2 volume fill, interlocked doors, separated & exhausted chambers, & secondary containment features.

    Cabinets can also be configured for bulk storage with optional manual or automatic remote refill.

    Effluent capture & storage are also available with pumping and level sensing that can report back to the main system.

    Volatile chemistry & effluent storage in fire-safe cabinets with optional fire suppression systems are also available.

    Also available is effluent capture integration with industry-standard barrels as well as a chemical transfer cart for volume relocation to disposal/storage areas.