ULTRA t Equipment offers a System-Integrated Positive-Displacement Peristaltic Pump with Ultrasonic Flow Monitoring to provide Metered Dispense of Fluids across a range of viscosities & chemistries.

  • Assembly combines a Masterflex L/S Adjustable Peristaltic Pump Head, a gear-reduced recipe-controlled 100-Watt Servo Motor, & Ultrasonic Flow Monitoring, using a combination of PFA & Tygon tubing.
  • Precision flow control range of 0.36 – 2000mL/min flow with real-time GUI display
    • Low-Flow dispenses of <20mL/min having <5% deviation
    • High-Flow dispenses having <2% deviation
    • Flow Monitoring is unaffected by bubbles from off-gassing chemistries such as Nanostrip
  • Recipe-driven & Metered Dispense with Point-of-Use Mixing Options
  • Tygon Chemical Pump Precision Tubing double layer structure provides Compressive Durability & Chemically Resistant Fluid Delivery usable with Concentrated Acid & Alkali, & harsh organic solvents.
  • Self-Priming Pump design offers no contact with chemistries, only with outside of the tubing, and generates no bubbles in fluid flow.
  • System software monitors pump usage, with GUI notifications when replacement is recommended.
    • Tubing offers 50 hours of use or 3 months of installment time before replacement.
    • Use total time is tabulated against actual pump usage in the recipe; often recipes only call for seconds of use.
  • Recipe & Maintenance controls provide reversible pumping & suck-back operation of dispense lines
  • Quick & convenient tubing replacement utilizing pump reversal.
    • Available Programmed N2 / DI H2O/ N2 line purging provides operator safety for applications using hazardous chemistries.

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